Services We Offer

At Gutu Borehole, we offer comprehensive borehole solutions in the following areas:

Borehole Driling Services

Groundwater Borehole Siting

Borehole Siting/ Survey

We make use of a Groundwater Survey Detector in our search for the most viable borehole site. We also use traditional methods like ‘Copper Wire’ detector to verify accuracy.

borehole drilling rig in Gutu

Borehole Drilling

We have experience in sinking boreholes in diverse soil profiles. Our goal has and always is availing ‘Water to the People’. We drill new holes and deepen exhisting wells.

Borehole Casing Gutu

Borehole Casing

From hotels to schools, we have the necessary equipment and training to provide top-quality services wherever you need them.
borehole flushing dewure gutu

Borehole Flushing

If you have a clogged borehole or sediments that are causing problems to your borehole, we offer clean out service. We make use of compressed air to flush boreholes.

borehole irrigation system gutu

Borehole Installation

All the other processes involved in setting up a borehole are only as good as the installation. We offer electrical and solar installations including pressure tank, water tank and plumbing services.

borehole pump installation farmagrida gutu

Borehole Maintenance

We offer detailed borehole repair and replacement services. Whether it is a periodic check-up or an annual maintenance, we are your handy help. Do not just take our word for it, give us a call TODAY!

Some of the Projects we have done

UNICEF Gutu Schools

We sited and drilled boreholes in Gutu Schools under the UNICEF program.

Rural Individuals

We have worked on more than 100 borehole projects in rural Gutu alone. The projects vary from home use to commercial scale.

Catholic church

We have worked with the Roman Catholic Church in Gutu drilling, casing and installing a borehole.

NGO Projects

Within our portifolio are projects we have done in partnership with NGOs. The Zengeya Community has benefitted from one such partnership.

Town individuals

We have also worked on scores of projects with town and periurban communities. Most of the projects have been focused on home water systems.

Business Community

Our work has been providing water solutions to the business community. Puma Filling Station Gutu is a beneficiary.

Borehole Drilling Men at Work

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